Investor Rewards and MindfulBasics Community are both early-stage startups. You may invest in one or both..

If you invest in the main business,, you'll gain a lifetime membership award. This membership gives you access to all the core courses that we may offer now and in the future. As a lifetime member, you'll also get first access to purchase services from very low cost coaches and wellness providers when we bring them on board in the future. Only members of will have access to these services.

If you invest in the MindfulBasics Community, called Find My Group, you gain a lifetime community membership reward. This membership will give you access to our developing online and in-person communities. You can learn more about our community here.

Lifetime memberships to both could help you make a large investment in yourself as you gain access to the core of what the company and community develop as they grow.

With your small monetary investment, you can earn lifetime membership rewards and never have to pay the monthly membership fees that future members will pay.


This is a rewards-based crowdfunding investment opportunity only. You will not receive monetary compensation, stock options, or dividends from a rewards-based investment. The reward is the only thing you earn for your investment as an initial investor in this company.


If you become an initial investor in this startup, you should understand a few things about this investment option.

A reward-based investment is when a reward is given to an investor at a future date (projected out six months to a year) for providing capital funding in the initial stages of a business's development. The money from your investment supports the company in developing and creating the business systems and products offered at a future date.

You will not receive, now or in the future, any monetary compensation for your investment in this startup. Your investment is NOT an equity investment. Equity investments with startup companies are only available to accredited investors due to the greater financial risk to the investor. does not manage accredited investing options.

ABOUT THIS BUSINESS: is a virtual wellness center for generally healthy people, and we plan to offer our members holistic, healthy lifestyle support via courses, coaching, and self-connection practices. is not a medical treatment center or a weight loss program.

We will use your investment funds to support the company as needed to develop the content, courses, community, and coaching systems that will make up the meat of the products offered to members via memberships.

Initial Goals:

  • plans to offer a membership that includes instructor-taught virtual courses and low-cost access to wellness providers and coaches. We will present some courses live.
    • Our wellness coaches will only be virtual.
    • Our anticipated wellness providers will plan to be available virtually and in person, subject to availability. These wellness providers include dietitians, massage therapists, culinary experts, in-home chefs, and personal fitness trainers.
  • One initial focus of is to develop a year-long, live, instructor-taught wellness program for generally healthy prediabetics. will not offer medical care. It will provide lifestyle support with live instructor courses and education specific to helping prediabetics begin living healthier lifestyles to prevent the development of full diabetes.