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If you want a better way to handle stress and real change...

Know it is possible for you.


Yes, you!


If you choose to not explore our methods of change, please do not give up on yourself. Find what will work for you and remember, you are capable of more than you know. There are many ways to reach goals and many people, plans, and programs to help you get there.


The key is to know your REAL goal and to choose ONE process designed to help you meet it, and stick with it.


The goals at MindfulBasics.com are to stop trying so hard and doing so much and to relax into the truth and emotional peace of unconditional love for self and others. Working hard to fit an image is not the answer we advocate. We advocate the healing power of unconditional love. When people hold on to the burden of disconnection, aka "conditional love", it serves as a barrier to healthy spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

Learning how to love unconditionally is how we believe you can remove this barrier and uncover spiritual wellness for yourself.

We are all capable of more than we know.

MindfulBasics.com is a holistic, spiritual wellness center for women wanting to end the chaos of "DOING HEALTHY" and relax into the peace of "BEING WHOLE". A REAL healthy lifestyle is more than obedience to diet and exercise routines.


We share a fundamental focus on unconditional love as a way to approach life. I use courses, coaching, and community to empower members to decrease their chronic stress and impact their world with love.


VISION: A World Of Unconditional Love