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 What is is a membership-based community that helps members embrace the best version of themselves, connect in more meaningful ways, live healthier lifestyles, and give each other support.

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MindfulBasics Academy

Living a healthy lifestyle requires a holistic approach and knowledge and skills on the HOW of healthy living day-in and day-out for a lifetime.

MB Academy offers courses on health and wellness, like cooking classes with CulinaryBasics, and a systematic process for lifestyle change with the MindfulBasics Wellness Program.


Members LIVE

MindfulBasics Members meet live on the Members LIVE virtual platform regularly for general training, announcements,  and other group events.


MindfulBasics TRIBE

MindfulBasics Tribe is a heart-centered and health-focused community for current members of  We are creating a supportive environment for social growth, personal change, and healthy human connection.  Our tribe is made up of virtual and local groups of people that want to authentically connect in a community where members strive to embrace the best versions of themselves, to connect in more meaningful ways, to live healthier lifestyles, and to give each other support.


Coaching Connection

Coaching Connection offers specialized courses with live Q&As by independent wellness providers, to include registered dietitians, wellness coaches, and certified personal trainers, that members can access at no additional cost with the "Find My Wellness Provider/Course Portal" in the "My Library" area of your membership site.

For a low additional cost, Members may make one-on-one virtual appointments with their MindfulBasics Wellness Provider  to get more specialized support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This program is designed to help you get through your personal barriers to making healthy lifestyle changes last.

If you have tried to make healthy lifestyle changes before and struggled to maintain lasting change, or noticed that you tend to fall back into old lifestyle patterns, this community may be right for you.


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