MindfulBasics.com™ is a Heart-Centered Virtual Wellness Center For People with Insulin Resistance.


Wellness Starts With the Heart


Embrace Truth


Connect Love


Live Wellness

What makes MindfulBasics.com™ different?


  • Its programs and services are designed to help you recognize your wholeness and human need for compassionate connection.
  • It supports you in making holistic healthy lifestyle changes from a place of peace, strength, and power by helping you connect to unconditional love.
  • It teaches you how to connect to unconditional love before trying to make healthy lifestyle changes so your changes last.


If you struggle to see your own wholeness, consider this.


A lamp is whole. It has everything it needs to be a lamp. And, the lamp does not light the room and fulfill its purpose until it connects to the electricity that gives it life.

We humans are whole and not fundamentally lacking. We have everything we need to be a human. And, at MindfulBasics.com, we hold the belief that we humans do not feel complete or stand in power until we are connected through unconditional love.

Like electricity flowing in a lamp gives it life, unconditional love flowing in our hearts gives us life, including peace, strength, and power.


At MindfulBasics.com™ we believe that true and lasting wellness starts with the heart.



Have you ever tried to make wellness changes only to feel yourself FORCING the latest healthy lifestyle advice and eventually reverting to your previous ways?


There's a better way.


Have you ever started another wellness program and told yourself,

"This time, I'm committed...I WILL change."

I have.

I have said, "This time, I will not find myself avoiding the hard things, repeating failures, and wasting my time and effort." --Or some version of that statement ;-)

Have you ever said, "This time will be different..." more than once?


This time can be different!



The best long-term solution for your wellness approach is to start with the heart.

Services and Programs are Designed to Support People Who:


  • Want a unique approach to wellness using a foundation of unconditional love.


  • Struggle with making long-term changes.


  • Feel they need to force changes in a daily grind to make them last.


  • Want support to embrace healthy lifestyle behaviors that work for them long-term and fit into their lives now.


  • Want support to adopt physical, mental, and emotional behaviors that lead to lasting wellness and align with industry standards known to promote health and well-being.


Life offers no guarantees, and participation in this wellness center or any services or programs will NOT guarantee you will reach your wellness goals.

Besides irreversible diseases, industry research shows that the human body frequently heals and thrives when people maintain healthy behaviors in tried-and-true wellness categories. MindfulBasics Members walk together on their individual wellness journeys, exploring and mastering behaviors in program curricula for 12 wellness categories.


MindfulBasics.com™ Offers Support and Programs in 12 Wellness Categories, Including- 

  1. Mastering energy integration (aka stress resilience).

  2. Mastering emotional regulation.

  3. Getting adequate sleep.

  4. Getting adequate hydration.

  5. Giving yourself unconditional love.

  6. Discovering a sense of belonging.

  7. Gaining clarity in spiritual alignment.

  8. Practicing consistent wellness routines.

  9. Avoiding harmful chemicals.

  10. Increasing movement.

  11. Consuming whole foods.

  12. Having and maintaining connected human relationships with friends and family by doing the work necessary to create and sustain real human connections founded on unconditional love.

MindfulBasics.com is NOT a substitute for appropriate medical care by a licensed medical doctor. MindfulBasics.com does NOT offer medical care, and it is not a medical treatment center. MindfulBasics Membership is NOT suitable for people who need persistent medical care and supervision to a vital degree, as MindfulBasics.com is NOT designed to support their needs.
People with insulin resistance should seek and follow the care of a medical doctor. People should do everything possible to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles to support their healthcare needs, whether at MindBasics.com or with another support method. Without medical care and lifestyle changes, insulin resistance can worsen over time and potentially cause damage to body tissues and organs, possibly degrading a person’s health and well-being. MindfulBasics.com supports doctors’ efforts by helping members develop and maintain healthy lifestyles long-term.

MindfulBasics.com™ is a membership-based virtual wellness center offering services and programs that support people with insulin resistance in developing and maintaining holistic, healthy lifestyles using a unique heart-centered approach. Member services and programs support people in their wellness journeys using courses, coaching, member accountability partners, and self-connection strategies that start with the heart and promote lasting change.


VISION: Empower People to Live in Wellness and Unconditional Love