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The wellness industry offers many ways to help you "improve" your body and mind. What makes MindfulBasics.com different?



1. We do not believe your body and mind need improvement. What they need is the right kind of real support, minus all the industry noise. "Improvement" is an industry concept.

While the concept of self-improvement for your body and mind is likely well-intentioned, the typical delivery of healthy lifestyle support is not designed to help you embrace real change.

The medical industry's desire to help people (most doctors want to help or at least start out wanting to help others) combined with capitalism and how the human psyche works, has created a wellness industry that does not work for lifestyle changes. Science has made significant progress in understanding human health. The wellness industry is lacking the love that connects it all together.


2. We do not villainize "the other" (those kinds of doctors - those other programs - diet culture - donuts - binging - diets - weight loss - emotional eating). We do not believe in creating an enemy of something ("the other") is necessary for you to find peace or to support your desire to connect back to your heart.


3. We believe the push for "self-improvement" in the healthy-lifestyle industry and the tendency for people to create an enemy out of "the other" are the main blockers keeping people stuck and unable to find what they are looking for with healthy lifestyle programs.


Learning how to love unconditionally can unlock the mystery of what you are looking for in a wellness program.



Have you ever tried to make wellness changes only to feel yourself FORCING the latest healthy lifestyle advice and then eventually reverting back to your previous ways?

There's a better way.



Embracing your truth could be the key that helps you move forward.

When we start another wellness program, we all tell ourselves:

"This time I'm committed...I WILL change."

"This time I will not find myself avoiding the hard things, repeating failures, and wasting my time and effort." --Or some version of that statement ;-)

"This time will be different..."

This time can be different! 



The heart leads our long-term actions.

MindfulBasics.com is a wellness company that values unconditional love as the fundamental foundation of healthy lifestyle change and support. Change is not the same thing as "improvement".


The best long-term solution for your wellness approach is to start from the heart.

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MindfulBasics.com uses courses, coaching, and self-connection to help empower members to find a peaceful wellness solution that fits their life. We value and support communication and lifestyle changes that start from the heart. We strive to anchor to a fundamental foundation of unconditional love as an approach to life.


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