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MindfulBasics.com is a virtual online wellness center that uses a holistic approach to empower and educate members through coaching, courses, and connection.

Don't Struggle with Lifestyle Changes Alone!

Making changes toward a healthier lifestyle can be messy and it takes work.  People support people here and we value a holistic approach to wellness. 

Basics Members can embrace this path together in our private group called MindfulBasics TRIBE (included with membership).

You don't need to struggle with lifestyle changes alone.

We are stronger together.



MindfulBasics.com created CulinaryBasics as the first (1st) online MB ACADEMY of MindfulBasics Academy.

CulinaryBasics is an online cooking academy for those of us that want to eat tastier, healthier food as part of an overall healthy lifestyle choice.  Great cooking is a gateway to healthy living! :-) CulinaryBasics can teach you the basics of cooking in the comfort of your own home.

"Do you have the culinary skills to prepare and cook food so it looks and tastes great?  Learn culinary techniques to take your cooking to the next level with CulinaryBasics at MindfulBasics Academy."

We partnered with an amazing company and pioneer in the healthy lifestyle movement and the worlds top professional online cooking school, Rouxbe Online Cooking School, to bring you CulinaryBasics. Kudos to you Rouxbe.com for all your hard work and for making it possible for the "little guys"...aka (me) to share in helping people learn to cook for their health.

Free Online Webinar: KNIFE SKILLS

Want to eat healthy and don't know where to start in the kitchen? Start with the basics! Learn Knife Skills in the comfort of your own home with this free online webinar.


When you purchase MindfulBasics Academy you gain access to each MB ACADEMY. If you want more support and resources to meet and maintain your healthy lifestyle goals, we have the Basics Membership Enrollment available.

Access to Each MB ACADEMY Included

$75 USD


MindfulBasics Academy Membership


  • Access to each MB ACADEMY, including any future MB ACADEMY(s) and content and courses that may become available in the future for as long as you keep access.
  • Learn online with on-demand courses in the comfort of your own home.

...and more to come!

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Support and Resources

$25 USD

PER MONTH (+) $12 Enrollment Setup Fee

Basics Membership Enrollment


  • Everything you get in MindfulBasics Academy Membership.
  • Access to MindfulBasics TRIBE for the opportunity to create real social support and connections with other members.
  • Access to Coaching Connections for tracking your progress and accessing Wellness Providers.
  • Access to MindfulBasics LIVE and on-demand replays.

...and more to come!

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