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Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Support

MindfulBasics Wellness Program

This program is designed to help you get through your personal barriers to making healthy lifestyle changes.

If you have tried to make healthy lifestyle changes before and struggled to maintain lasting change or noticed that you tend to fall back into old lifestyle patterns, this program may be right for you.

Members LIVE strives to foster a community that helps members embrace the best version of themselves, connect in more meaningful ways, live healthier lifestyles, and give each other support.

AUTHENTIC: We strive to be a place that supports your internal alignment and meaningful connections to a community you feel authentic within.

SAFE:  We strive to be a community structure where people feel safe from judgement in efforts to align their hearts with their life and health.

FUN:  We support members in having healthy fun and growing as humans together within their own social circles.

To help members live healthy and personally meaningful lives that matter within their social circles.

By striving to foster a connected community of people that have the emotional, financial, social and physical health to love one another and to show it in their emotional efforts, interpersonal actions, and community deeds.


MindfulBasics Wellness Program



Is not knowing how to cook standing in your way of maintaining healthy eating habits?  Not anymore!  As  part of the over all program, we connected with an amazing school ( to help teach you the basics of cooking in the comfort of your own home.  When you know how to cook,  eating healthy can taste so good!


Members LIVE

We work together to develop deeper individual-level critical thinking practices to promote your individual and social growth.  Together we will create opportunities for members to participate in peer to peer coaching and serve as support for one another in facing internal barriers to lifestyle change.


Frequently Asked Questions

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