What is a "real" healthy lifestyle?


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Are you looking for an effective way to manage stress?

MindfulBasics.com helps you relax into truth and unconditional love for yourself and others.

When people hold on to the burden of disconnection, aka "conditional love", it serves to unnecessarily increase chronic stress, and this can decrease spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

Unconditional love is the answer to decreasing chronic stress.

MindfulBasics.com offers holistic healthy lifestyle support for those wanting to decrease their chronic stress and improve their health and feelings of belonging and acceptance.

Are you tired of the chaos of "DOING HEALTHY"?

Do you want to learn how to relax into the peace of "BEING WHOLE"?

REAL healthy lifestyle is more than obedience to diet and exercise routines.

MindfulBasics.com has a fundamental focus on unconditional love as a way to approach life. Courses, coaching, and community are used to empower members to decrease their chronic stress and impact their world with love.


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