Love Your Neighbor Holistic Wellness Program

Do you desire to have more love in your heart & less stress in your life?

The Love Your Neighbor Holistic Wellness Program is designed to help you get out of your own way and connect with your heart again, all while building stress resilience and decreasing the negative effects of stress in your life.


This is a 4-Phase ongoing program designed to help you release barriers that are holding you back in pursuing your wellness journey.

About Love Your Neighbor

Phase 1: Embrace Truth.

Phase 2: Connect Love.

Phase 3: Live Wellness.

Phase 4: Give Empowerment.

Why does love matter?  From experience, I have seen love help people forgive and find compassion and peace in their hearts.  Lack of forgiveness is a key cause of chronic resistant stress (CRS) in the body and discord in social connections with others and yourself.  CRS is a life and health destroyer over time.

Does any of this program sound like your cup of tea?

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LYN Holistic Wellness Program Offer

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