Love Your Neighbor Holistic Wellness Program

  • Can you think of anyone you have ever met or known in your life that you feel ANYTHING other than compassion and love for?

If you answered YES, and you desire to have more love and compassion in your heart, then this Wellness Program may be right for you.

Does your life feel stagnant, superficial, lacking in excitement, or even full of bitterness, anger, or frustration?  Do you ever find yourself wanting less stress in your life and more authentic deeper connections with the people you care about and love?



Not only is it possible for you... (not just the other person that signed up for this course... but YOU) to have less stress and more authentic connections with yourself and others, it is actually within your grasp.  If I can learn how to do this, absolutely ANYONE can!

The secret... truth.

Truth leads to freedom, compassion, and love.  I go into details (of course) in the Love Your Neighbor holistic wellness program.

I struggled for many years trying to get this wellness program together.  I deeply want to teach what I learned about unconditional love, and I also deeply want my company to foster a safe space free from discrimination for people of all religions, faiths, origins, or a lack thereof.  With unconditional love being the center stage of Christian faith (as I see it) I wanted to ensure I did not shut out people that do not share Christian beliefs.  I am not here to try and "convert people to the Christian faith".  I am here to love you.  Your religious and spiritual beliefs and faiths are out of my "scope of practice" and are between you and whatever higher power you relate to or connect with.

Trying to figure out how I would present what I learned and how I would talk about the God factor was no easy task.  I used to be completely turned off when someone would "go there" and bring up bible scripture related lessons of life and tell me there's "only one" way to find and know God.  I thought the whole concept was full of shit.  (Yes, I cuss sometimes... I don't want to put on a pretty facing picture of my life for you.  I am real and human, just like you).  Even though I have come to understand for my personal life that there IS only one way for me to know God, I have also learned that it does not look like I used to think it would look. 

After it was all said and done, I realized there is no way to leave out Jesus or what he taught the world and what he taught me.  No matter a person's beliefs, learning about unconditional love, and how it decreases stress and anxiety and how it brings people and families closer together, it can help any person of any faith or religion, and even those with no faith or religion at all.

I want to use practical steps I learned from the words of Jesus in the bible, other beautiful people I have met in my life, and my own personal inspiration and experience to help you learn to love unconditionally.  I believe this will improve the quality of your life and deepen your wellness journey.

When I finally felt and understood real unconditional love, I learned how to see the world, myself, God, and others completely different than I thought was ever possible.  Your journey may be nothing like mine.  I want to share the practical steps to unconditional love I learned with you to help you improve your own life.

I want to help you decrease your stress and anxiety and bring more peace and love to your life and to the people around you with the Love Your Neighbor Holistic Wellness Program!

with love

-Ginger B



Phase 1: Embrace Truth.

Phase 2: Connect Love.

Phase 3: Live Wellness.

Phase 4: Give Empowerment.

This is a 4-Phase ongoing program designed to help you release barriers that are holding you back from having less stress and anxiety and more forgiveness, peace, and love.

Why does love matter?  From experience, I have seen love help people forgive and find compassion and peace in their hearts.  Lack of forgiveness and peace in a person's heart is a key cause of chronic stress in the body and discord in social connections with others and yourself.  Chronic stress overtime is a silent life and health destroyer.

It is hard to feel love when your heart and mind are entangled in frustration, guilt, judgment, and shame, and any judgment-based emotion or belief. 

Freeing yourself of these traps can help you feel compassion and love for yourself and others. 

Have you ever heard the saying "the truth will set you free"?  The first phase of this program is all about embracing Truth.  Well, what does this mean? 

You will see how trying to feel or think how you WANT to feel and think instead of how you ACTUALLY feel and think is counterproductive to being able to let go and move forward with compassion and love.  Fake it till you make it does not work here.

When you want to make any changes in life, starting in the reality of where you actually are right now is always the best place to start and is more preferable than any other way to start a process of change. 

Why?  Because you have all the tools you need in your current reality to help you move forward.  The Embrace Truth phase of the program starts you exactly where you are without judgment about where you or others may think you "should be".

Love Your Neighbor Holistic Wellness Program will engage you in a step by step process to help you discover deeper compassion and connection to others and to yourself.

Let's get started!  We strive to help you decrease chronic stress and enjoy your life more.  This program is a practical HOW-TO for acceptance, compassion, and love for yourself and your neighbor. Every neighbor.... everywhere.

Join us inside!

Love Your Neighbor - Holistic Wellness Program

$49.00 USD


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