Embrace Truth : Connect Love : Live Wellness : Give Empowerment.

MindfulBasics Wellness Program

MindfulBasics Wellness Program is a 12-month program designed in 4 consecutive phases to support your healthy lifestyle development and maintenance.

You will have access to the wellness program for 365 DAYS from the date of purchase.

  • Embrace Truth - Phase 1

    • The first step to better health and wellness is to acknowledge and accept where you truly are in your life as of today.  This phase of the program is about embracing the truth around your belief and life patterns as they are now.  This is the foundation for all the work to follow.  There is absolutely no way to do this wrong. 
      • DISCLAIMER:  This is NOT therapy.
  • Connect Love - Phase 2

    • The second phase is focused on learning to be on your own side and to allow others to be on your side too.  Having a loving connection with yourself and others is an important keystone in healthy human relationships, which are a vital part of wellness.
  • Live Wellness - Phase 3
    • The third phase is for you to discover and tailor evidence-based healthy lifestyle recommendations for diet and exercise into your own lifestyle.  There is no way around this... you have to actually do different things to get different results.
  • Give Empowerment - Phase 4
    • The fourth phase is to give back to yourself and to others.  You solidify your growth when you learn to give empowerment to yourself and to serve someone else starting out their own wellness journey.

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