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  • Access to MindfulBasics Wellness Program, which is a 4-Phase program designed to help you release the barriers that hold you back from maintaining lasting change.
  • Access to MindfulBasics LIVE where you can join other members for online community-wide events and training.


FREE MONTHLY ACCESS to the developing community MindfulBasics TRIBE (hosted on Mighty Networks).

  • MindfulBasics TRIBE is a heart-centered and authentic community where members can connect and grow together.  We strive to help you embrace the best version of yourself, connect in more meaningful ways, and love yourself (agape love) and others (family love) for better health and wellness.

Once you process your membership, you will be sent an email requesting you to join MindfulBascis TRIBE.  If you wish to join then follow the link in the email and create an account.  Following the link ensures you will not be asked to pay for access to the TRIBE.  If you do not wish to join you can ignore the email and/or unsubscribe from receiving invitations (the unsubscribe link will be at the bottom of your email from Mighty Networks).

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].


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