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MindfulBasics.com is a membership-based online community that engages members in wellness of the heart, soul, body, and mind using courses, coaching, and connection.



MindfulBasics Membership


MindfulBasics Membership INCLUDES:

  • Continual access to your Basics Academy course and wellness coaches (only 90-days access when you purchase the course without membership).
  • You will get also get access to all other wellness provider's become available.
  • Opportunity to learn directly from providers in a live setting.
  • Access to MindfulBasics TRIBE where we are building a community of members with a mission to love.

Learn from the comfort of your own home!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].



  • Continual access to current and future provider courses (normally only a 90 access program).
  • Access to exclusive live training & events.
  • Access to MindfulBasics TRIBE community hosted on Mighty Networks.

Join us and support the vision to create a heart-centered and authentic community with a mission to love!

We desire to create together:

  • A judge-free zone inside our hearts.
  • The courage to show up as our authentic selves.
  • Deep compassion and love for ourselves and others for exactly who we really are inside.
  • A community where we can have fun, embrace truth, serve others, and make a difference in our own lives.

Join us and learn the practical side of loving your neighbor and yourself!

If you can not afford the membership cost and still want to join and be part of our vision (A World of Unconditional Love) and you want to actively participate in the TRIBE and the only thing standing in your way is money, then please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can find a solution together.

See you on the inside!

$25.00 USD every month


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