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Who is for?

We aim to serve generally healthy women 18 and up that have a desire to be the best version of themselves.  These women may want to live healthier lifestyles, have more meaningful human connections, or belong to a community where they and their contributions matter.

  • And some women may want it all!  WELCOME!
  • Please note, does NOT offer therapy.  Independent wellness providers with us offer coaching and not therapy.  To learn more about the differences between coaching and therapy, please read this article from the American Psychological Association.

What is is a membership-based community that helps members embrace the best version of themselves, connect in more meaningful ways, live healthier lifestyles, and give each other support.

AUTHENTIC: We are working to be a place that supports your internal alignment and meaningful connections to a community you feel authentic within.

What do people do when they have little ties to a camaraderie-based community where their work and contributions matter? 

SAFE:  We are working to one day be a great external community structure where people feel safe from judgement to align their hearts with their life and their health.

PERSONAL EFFORT:  We are working to facilitate a community where it's members are willing to put in personal energy in a combined effort to build meaningful healthy connections to themselves and each other.

FUN:  We are working to help members become friends that have healthy fun and grow as humans together. 


We want people to care about one another and to have the physical, emotional, and social health to live personally meaningful and purposeful lives that also matter within their social circles.



We will strive to provide worthy, evidence-based training on foundational-level areas of health and wellness.


We will aim to facilitate affordable access for members to quality wellness providers.


We will create opportunities for peer to peer coaching, connection, and support to help members face internal lifestyle barriers, promote individual-level critical thinking practices, and contribute to the community for themselves and each other in meaningful ways that matter.


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