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Watch FREE Health & Wellness Webinars Here is a membership-based virtual wellness center that supports members in living healthier lifestyles using courses, coaching, and connection.

MindfulBasics Membership Includes...

  • Access to MindfulBasics Wellness Program, which is a 4-Phase program designed to help you release the barriers that hold you back from maintaining lasting change.
  • Access to MindfulBasics Academy, which is a collection of skill-and-knowledge-based courses designed to help you gain the practical skills and knowledge you need to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Access to MindfulBasics LIVE where you can join other members for online community-wide events and training.
  • DISCLAIMER: does not offer mental health therapy or medical care. We provide maintenance care information, training, and services for generally healthy people.  If you need medical care, please see your primary care medical doctor. For more information please read the more detailed disclaimer on the side (or bottom if on mobile device) of the sales page here.

MindfulBasics Wellness Program

Phase 1: Embrace Truth.

Phase 2: Live Wellness.

Phase 3: Connect Love.

Phase 4: Give Empowerment.

A 4-Phase Program developed to help you find lasting change.

MindfulBasics Academy

MB Academy offers online courses on practical knowledge and skills to help you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle in a realistic way.

We focus on holistic approaches to help you integrate healthy habits into your daily personal life so they last.  Watch the video to learn more.

MindfulBasics LIVE

MindfulBasics LIVE is an online portal in your membership library where Wellness Providers will be live at specific times and dates to join you and other members for online community-wide events and training.

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