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Make Your Focus Appointment for Accountability Today!

Trying to move forward on those tasks you need to complete so you can reach that goal but you just can't seem to get traction? offers complimentary volunteer-based virtual appointments via MindfulBasics Coaching Connection to help you stay accountable and focused. Book today! What you think of yourself matters. You matter. Complete those nagging tasks and stay accountable to yourself. We are here to help.

Details For Scheduling Your Focus Appointments for Accountability


You can improve your focus when you work with your partner virtually in the background because you are in a state of subtle accountability.  It is easier to stay committed to your task for the scheduled hour when you have a focus partner.

Schedule a virtual peer to peer focus appointment and keep your virtual partner(s) connected in the background while you (and your partner) work on your individual tasks.  After 50 minutes of focused work, you can chat briefly (5 minutes) with your partner and describe your progress and then end the appointment.  No judgement or advice from either partner is expected.  Respectful acknowledgement of your partner's focused effort at the end of the call is all that is desired.  These appointments can help improve your focus and commitment during the hour and help you get things done!

Zoom is used to access all appointments.  You will get an email with your appointment details and you will also be able to login on the current site and see all your appointments.  See how to do this in the Step by Step Video in the first drop-down above.


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