iStory Insights_001 - Ginger's iStory

unconditional love Dec 05, 2022

An iStory is a way to document my process as I learn and grow along my journey for wellness and change. This iStory is intended to be authentic, and true when I write it. My thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and, well everything, are subject to change and change again. This is a journey of change. An iStory's author is called the Teacher. The teacher's journey can serve to teach you about yourself and other things.

I want to start a wellness change process because I feel stuck. I have so much fear. I hide and avoid when things get too real. These things feel like a mountain I may not have the skills or strength to climb. I don't know if I will make it, or even what "making it" will look like. Writing about my journey helps me. People are able to support a Teacher's journey and comment and interact with them by becoming Supporters of their iStory. You can learn more about the process and cost of joining my (or another) iStory by going to the MindfulBasics Community platform. Supporters have access to the full scope of content available for a person's iStory. Look for Ginger's iStory (creative, I know ;-)).

First, I want to share some of what I have learned about unconditional love with you. The concept of unconditional love is what started me on this wellness journey. In 2011, I had an experience where I was introduced to real unconditional love, and that experience changed everything for me. The experience introduced me to what unconditional love felt like, what it looked like, and the incredible amount of power it contained. It all threw me off guard. Many years have passed since that experience (I share this experience in Ginger's iStory) and I have come to realize a few things.

  1. Unconditional love is the path to true change and wellness.
  2. I can not generate unconditional love of my own accord.
  3. The power of unconditional love does not belong to me, and I can not create its power.
  4. The answers to each person's change process are already inside them. My answers are inside me.

After recognizing that unconditional love is the way to true change and wellness, I first had to understand that I can NOT create, generate, or give unconditional love myself. I cannot control unconditional love. The idea of not having control over something in my life is hard for me. Having no control over unconditional love may sound counterintuitive considering concepts like self-empowerment and self-love.

It was a hard road, but I eventually realized that I could not create unconditional love and package it in a bottle :-). I know I do not have the answers for your wellness change process; however, I have learned how to help someone find the answers for themself. I don't have a magic bullet. I can't fix your problems or remove your pain, grief, or fear. I can't even do that for myself, not really. I can DO the things that tend to cause others (including myself) to experience unconditional love and freedom from pain, grief, and fear. And doing those things have worked many times for me. I can not create change or make it happen.

I have the ability to make choices and decide on actions I will perform. I can decide what I learn about and how and where and with who I spend my time. I can do all the behaviors leading to the discovery of unconditional love. I have no control over feeling or having unconditional love for myself or others. True, I can control if I show or behave in ways that would indicate love or a lack of it. I only have control over my behaviors.

One path to real change is using what we can control to help us discover and unveil things we can not control, like being happy, joyful, healthy, and full of unconditional love. We can do our best to align with health, wellness, and unconditional love. Life can not guarantee we will get those things, even with adhering to all the healthy lifestyle choices known to man. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and everything in life involves some risk.

I may not have the power to create unconditional love, and I can do my best to align with it. A journey in aligning with unconditional love is the focus of, the foundation of our wellness program, and the outlook I take as i walk through my iStory.